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Weicon W 44 T

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Multifunctions spray: loosens seized threads, displaces moisture, eliminates squeaky and creaky noises, cleans dirty metal surfaces and protects and preserves tools.

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W 44 T covers a wide range of industrial and maintenance applications.
Due to its special formula and excellent creep properties, corrosion protection, water resistance, lubrication, preservation, and cleaning are combined in one product.
W 44 T offers good protection against atmospheric influences. For this reason, it is used almost unlimitedly in the areas of workshops, automobiles, shipping, electrical systems, agriculture, household, and hobbies.


  • Loosens seized screw connections, bolts, fittings, and valves, penetrates and dissolves rust, dispels moisture from electrical contacts, prevents leakage current and simplifies the starting of wet motors
  • Eliminates the squeaking and creaking of hinges, guides, bearings, and all kinds of joints and couplings
  • Cleans dirty metal surfaces and leaves behind a lasting, extremely thin film that does not smear, stick, or attract dust
  • Protects and cares for all tools, machines, electrical and mechanical precision instruments (like measurement tools, locks, and weapons) and keeps them functional

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