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Weicon Rust Shock Spray

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The “chemical wrench” frees up rusted threads within seconds by its
unique dual-action: chill effect and capillary effect.

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WEICON Rust-Shock, the “chemical screwdriver”, loosens all kinds of rusted screw connections: It works within seconds due to its two-fold function:

  • The special composition of the materials generates a “chill effect” on the corroded workpiece. WEICON Rust-Shock deeply penetrates into these small spaces created by this cold shriking process due to its high capillary effect.
  • There, it looses the rust crystals in seconds and thus neutralises the connection between the rust layers.


  • Car servicing and repair
  • Construction and agricultural machines
  • Navigation
  • Oil industry
  • Power plants and chemical industry
  • Heavy industry and mining

WEICON Rust-Shock is free of mineral oil, silicone, and grease and thus works completely without residue and leaves no traces. Treated spots can already be painted over after a few minutes.

WEICON Rust-Shock