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Weicon Belt Dressing Spray

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Transparent belt coating on the basis of synthetic elastomers. Suitable for highly-stressed power-transmission belts like e.g. link belts, driving belts, conveyor belts, flat, round or toothed belts made of textile,
leather, rubber and PVC.

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WEICON Belt Dressing Spray is a transparent belt coating based on synthetic elastomers for highly stressed drive belts of different kinds. WEICON Belt Dressing Spray can be used on many different belt types made of common materials like canvas, leather, rubber, or PVC. Some examples are:

  • V-belts
  • link belts
  • drive belts
  • lat belts
  • round belts
  • toothed belts
  • transmission belts
  • ripped belts
  • conveyor belts

The special formulation of WEICON Belt Dressing Spray increases the service life and the durability of machines and equipment.

WEICON Belt Dressing SprayWEICON Belt Dressing Spray is temperature resistant between -20°C and +80°C.


  • Prevents belt slipping
  • Transmits the complete driving power
  • Removes squeaking noises
  • Penetrates into the pores of the material
  • Increases the friction and improves adhesion
  • Adheres and works immediately
  • Prevents static charging
  • Ensures smooth operation
  • Protects belts and slices against abrasion
  • Cares and protects against aging


WEICON Belt Dressing Spray has been developed for industrial applications in machines, aggregates, compressors, pumps, generators, conveyors, mills, pillar drills, cooling units, CVT belt drives and ship engines; it is not suitable for driving belts in the automotive sector (Danger of soiling).


Shake can before use. Spray from a distance of approx. 20 – 30 cm onto the clean and dry surface. When used during operation of the belt, please observe the applicable safety regulations.


400 ml spray can
Art.-No.: 11511400