Weicon 5LT W44T

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Weicon 5 Litre W44T

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WEICON W 44 T Turbo-Power Fluid is a product for all servicing and maintenance works. By its special formula and excellent penetrating properties the product combines effectiveness in corrosion prevention, cleaning, water displacement, lubrication and preservation. W 44 T offers good resistance against atmospheric influences.

Areas of application:

  • loosens seized threads, screws, bolts, fittings and valves
  • displaces moisture from electrical leads, prevents leak currents and facilitates the starting of damp engines
  • eliminates squeaky and creaky noises on hinges, guides, bearings and all kind of joints and couplings
  • cleans contaminated metal surfaces and leaves a long lasting very thin film which does not smear, is not sticky and repels dust
  • protects and preserves tools, machines, electrical appliances and mechanical precision equipment and keeps them operational