AL-F 400K Food Quantity Grease

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Allround high performance grease for lubricating roller and sliding bearings and for all grease lubrication points, also in the foodstuffs industry. Classification according to DIN 51 502: KLF 2K -20
NSF registered, NSF H2; LMBG Section 31 and Section 5.

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Allround high-performance grease for lubricating rolling and sliding bearings and for all grease lubrication points, also in the foodstuffs industry.

Suitable for:

  • roller and sliding bearings
  • pivoted bearings
  • levers, sliding guides
  • spindles
  • spline shafts
  • camshafts
  • open gears
  • worm gears

Areas of use:

  • filling and packing machines
  • machines in the textile and clothing industry
  • electrical and precision mechanical units and also machine elements in dairies, breweries, large abattoirs, catering kitchens etc.

Classification in accordance with DIN 51 502: KLF 2K -30
Colour: white
NLGI Class: 2
Temperature range: – 30°C to +120°C
Conforms to: NSF H2; LMBG Section 31 and Section 5