Bosch Buy One Get Two Promo

Double your power: Buy one Bosch Professional 18V tool and get a second product for free*

It’s that easy!


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Buy one Bosch Professional 18V solo tool, combo kit or best value kit over €199 (without VAT) and get one product out of the reward range free of charge direct from Bosch Professional.


September until December 2020

How does the promotion work?

• The end user buys one Bosch Professional 18V solo tool, combo kit or best value kit >200€ (excl. VAT) either at our store or online. Once he/she has registered or logged in with their Bosch ID on ( can also still be used), uploaded the invoice and registered the purchased tool, the user can choose a second product from a defined product range free of charge. This tool is delivered directly to the customer’s address direct from Bosch Professional.

• The user only needs to follow these five steps:

What are the FOC rewards?

The User buys one Bosch Professional 18V solo tool, combo kit or best value kit > 200€ (excl. VAT) and gets a second product out of a defined range for free!


Q: When will the promotion take place?
A: September to December 2020 (T3)
Q: How can the user access the PRO Deals service?
A: By accessing the Bosch landing page the user can login to the PRO Deals web app.
Q: What does “value above 200€” mean?
A: It means the price which appears on the invoice when the user buys the tool needs to be above > 200€ (EX VAT) .
Q: Is it possible to participate in the promotion if the user buys two tools one for 150€ and one for 50€?
A: No, one tool or one kit needs to be above >200€.
Q: Can one user register 100 tools and get 100 rewards?
A: Yes, this is possible. There will be no limitation per user. In this case we think that a professional user company would not take the time to
register all those tools by typing in all the serial numbers and bare tool
Q: How can be checked if the 18V tool was bought in the time range of the promotion?
A: It will be checked on the invoice and will be rejected if the 18V tool was not bought in the time period of the promotion.
Q: Would it be possible to also upload a delivery note instead of an
A: Yes, the user can either upload an invoice or a delivery note –
prerequisite is that the price is on the delivery note, otherwise the
participation conditions can’t be met.
Q: Will the invoices need to be checked
A: Yes all invoices will be reviewed. Message sent if approved or

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